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Parenting & Families

Divorce - Education - Genealogy - General - Marriage - Parenting - Pregnancy & Childbirth - Special Needs


Save My Marriage Today - Your marriage is about to jump off a cliff... is it going to take you with it?

* Divorce Parenting Class - This Multimedia Course Is Created By A Licensed Psychologist, And Is Suitable For Court-ordered Four Hour Parenting Classes Required For Parents Divorcing With Minor Children. It Is Approved By The Florida Dept Of Children And Families

Divorce Advice For Women - What Women Need To Know About Getting A Divorce So That They Can Protect Themselves Financially, Create A Workable Custody Arrangement And Parenting Plan, And Get The Best Outcome When Ending Their Marriage Ends

The Divorce Survival Guide for Women - Complete with all the divorce advice for women needed to manage a successful and equitable settlement

Child Custody Evaluation & Mediation Preparation - Are You prepared?


… a Create-a-Storybook Guide To Preparing Your Children – with Love

A Divorce From A Narcissistic Husband And His Unethical Attorney



Children Learning Reading - Amazing Reading Program Parents Love.

Featured On Parenting Shows On Tv! Super Effective, Proven Reading Program. Incredible Results

Reading Head Start - The Best Teacher Your Child Will Ever Have... Is YOU!

The Financial Fairy Tales - Teaching Kids About Money Has Never Been So Much Fun! Using Entertaining Stories, Puzzles And Activities

Homeschooling Guidebook - It Will Save You Lots Of Time And Headaches In Researching All This Information On Your Own

Seriously Simple Sums -With this SIMPLE formula your child will master the times tables by bedtime 




Memorygrabber - A Downloadable, Life Story Workbook. Easily Recall, Document and Preserve a Lifetime of Memories with This Fun-to-Fill-Out, Downloadable, Fill-in-the-Blank Autobiographical Workbook



Coaching Certification in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children - Become a Certified Self-Esteem Coach for Children and Learn the Life-Impacting Secrets to Champion Kids to Elevate their Self-Esteem & Live their Best Lives

Baby Bowen-Natural Colic Relief - Finally, an easy, simple and extremely effective method of Natural Colic Relief that really WORKS



How To Be A FUN Wedding MC - Creating A Memorable Wedding Reception



Baby Sleep Miracle - Discover the Scientifically Proven Solution That Gets Your Baby to Sleep like Clockwork. It works even if everything else failed. Proven by 17,643 well rested parents (and counting)

Talking To Toddlers - Dealing With The Terrible Twos And Beyond

Law Of Attraction For Kids  = Highly Unique Book/video Course For Kids' Future Success. 

Mommy Jingles - Easy musical techniques to calm, communicate and connect with babies

Bully Prevention Program - A Dynamic, Interactive Bully Prevention Program Where Young Children As Young As 5 And Teenagers Practise Before The Time To Stand Up For Themselves By Becoming Assertive And Resilient

Growing Up Children - How To Get 5 - 12 Year Old's Behave And Do As They're Told Provides A Practical Down-to-earth Strategy

The Baby Sleep Solution - How to quickly and easily end sleepless nights and miraculously cure your baby's crying through the night

* 100+ Parenting Mistakes - Based On A US And International Patent Pending Program, 100+ Parenting Mistakes Helps Parents Avoid And Prevent A Total Of 129 Mistakes That Will Ultimately Affect Everything Our Children Will Do For The Rest Of Their Lives

Secrets Of The Super Mom - The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Super Mom Without Losing Your Super Self

* How To Parent Multiple Young Children Without Stress And Struggle 

Learn 9 Easy To Follow Steps On How To Successfully Parent Young Matter How They Act! 100% Guaranteed. Ideal For Parents Who Have Multiple Young Children

Get This Incredible Portable Safety Harness For FREE


Pregnancy & Childbirth

Pregnancy Miracle(tm) - Holistic & Ancient Chinese System For Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Children

Pregnancy Approach - Discover a little-known, but 100% clinically-proven way to erase your infertility effortlessly right now...

* How To Conceive The Gender Of Your Choice - A Natural and Shockingly Effective Gender Selection System with a 94.8% Success Rate

* The Secret to Reversing All Kinds of Infertility in Men and Women, Guaranteed to Get You Pregnant in 2 Months

The Morning Sickness Handbook - Over 100 "Mom-tested" remedies for nausea relief and wise tips 

* Simple Fertility Secrets - An E-book Uncovering Everything There Is To Know About Fertility. It Is Extremely Encouraging, Full Of Expert Advice, Personal Experience, Treatments And Techniques, Giving Renewed Hope To All Women Struggling To Fall Pregnant

Breastfeeding Help - A complete and effective technique that will teach you to deeply latch your baby and breastfeed without pain within minutes for a contented baby and an end to sore nipples

The Complete Guide To Flat Head Syndrome In Infants - Teaches Parents How To Prevent And Treat Flat Head Syndrome In Babies

* The Fit & Healthy Pregnancy System - How to Defy the Baby-Weight Myth AND Attain Holisitc Health for You and Your Baby with this All-New Fitness and Nutrition Breakthrough….

How To Get Pregnant With A Boy - No Waffle ... No Filler ...

Just The Information You Need To Conceive A Baby Boy ...

How To Get Pregnant With A girl - No Waffle ... No Filler ...

Just The Information You Need To Conceive A Baby girl ...


Special Needs

Toddler Speech Delay - Get Them Talking Now Advanced Training To Help Parents Get Their Speech-delayed Toddlers Speaking

* The Anxiety-Free Child Program - A five part series that shows you the secrets to raising confident, secure, happy, and Anxiety-Free kids

Toddler Talk: Techniques & Games - A Parent & Professional How-to-guide Written By A Practicing Speech Language Pathologist To Help Children Develop Their First Words, Expand Vocabulary, And Follow Directions. There Are Games, Scripts, Checklists & More!

Highly Effective Research-BaseParenting Strategies for Children with Asperger's and High-Functioning Autism

Childhood Development Programs - Proven Childhood Development Programs Based On Occupational Therapy Foundations

True Love: Dying Reveals Secrets To Great Relationships - Author's Actual Near Death Experience Changed His Life And Revealed Secrets Of Healthy Relationships